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Science Fiction

Goal: Expand, explore, and occupy habitable planets viable for human existence

Targets: Your product, service, company, etc. should…

  1. Effectively implement sustainable practices and address the scarcity of resources in the solution

  2. Include all safety features to address the possibility of unexpected challenges or malfunctions

  3. Design for the longevity and durability (ie. the distant future) of both the product and the human population

  4. Reduce the impact of potential international disorder and chaos

  5. Incorporate existing technologies in the solution (ex. AI, virtual reality, etc.)


Background Knowledge

In a not-so-distant future, a group of astronomers have made new discoveries of the Sun. The super star itself emits a colossal celestial rift, mysterious and powerful energy waves, tearing through space towards all its planets within the system. Their effects gradually reach our forever habitant – The Earth – spelling an unprecedented crisis for humanity.


The astronomers and scientists observed the celestial rift with a mix of awe and trepidation. They realized the impact of this cosmic anomaly is not just a distant spectacle but an underlying threat to the very fabric of our solar system. The radiation waves, though invisible, however potent, are approaching the Earth like an impending storm.


Solar flares started to intensify, causing disruptions and destructions to the delicate balance that sustains life on Earth. Radiation storms wreak wide-spread damage on electronic systems, leaving communications between mankind in shambles and endangering life on the surface.


The rift’s energy doesn’t spare the Moon. The natural satellite, affected by the celestial waves, triggers extreme tidal forces on Earth. Massive waves, tsunamis, and coastal tidal surges across the coastlines of the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Southern Oceans, swallowing the urban jungles. Coastal regions face a relentless assault from the oceans, while inland areas face the repercussions of disrupted ecosystems.


Governments and space agencies are uniting to confront the crisis. They have launched a global competition urging the brightest minds to innovate solutions for the survival of humans. Now it’s a race against time to construct spacecrafts, habitats, or any other methods that can withstand the cosmic chaos to escape the solar system.

The Challenge

For this challenge, you must innovate a product, service, company, etc. that will help aid in the achievement of the goal, with respect to the background knowledge/context.



Your solution can be completely imaginary with unlimited creative freedom. However, you must meet at least one of the targets (1,2,3,4,5) of the goal.

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