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Sheri Zhang

Branksome Hall


​Hi, I am a Grade 12 student at Branksome Hall. I love competing in robotics (FIRST Tech Challenge) and building my own robotics projects. I also love music, playing flute in my school’s Wind Symphony, jazz band, and participating in CISMF. This is my third year being part of the TYSIC Planning Committee, and I hope all of our participants can enjoy the conference with us in exploring the endless possibilities of STEM!

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Bowen Zhu

Lawrence Park CI

Hey! I’m Bowen, one of the Co-Chairs of TYSIC and a grade 12 student at Lawrence Park CI. I’m a driven innovator and a proactive leader. I love designing and innovating cool projects inspired by science fiction. Outside of school, I like to indulge myself in enriching internships to broaden my STEM horizons. Check out my portfolio to see some of my activities. I also love talking to people so feel free to shoot me a message!

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Vivian Mao

St. Clement's

Hey, I’m Vivian and I’m a Grade 11 student at St. Clement’s School. I love all things STEM and I’m especially interested in studying the intersection between neuroscience and AI while leveraging public policy to advocate for health equity. At school, I am actively involved in VEX Robotics and HOSA. In my spare time, I love lifting and playing badminton. This is my second year at TYSIC and I’m so excited to meet everyone in April!

Organizing Committee Members

Media Executives

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Sunny Sun

Branksome Hall

Hi~ I’m Sunny, a Grade 12 student at Branksome Hall. This is my second year on the TYSIC exec team. I have a love of entrepreneurship, often taking on marketing/design-related projects (such as Zemi Safety from Launch X and Snack Shack from my school’s Noodle program). In school, I’m co-head of Wind Symphony and a dedicated member of the concert band and Jazz Band. In my free time, I make anime glass paintings which is now a small business with international shipping! Feel free to check it out on insta/tiktok


Ellie Panet

St. Clements

Hey, I'm Ellie! I'm in grade 12 at St. Clement's School, and one of my school's STEM Committee Co-Chairs. I love puzzles and problem solving, from jigsaws to crosswords and the NYT Connections, and I'm constantly trying new things. I love combining STEM and design through robotics, theatre production, and film. I'm excited to be part of the TYSIC Planning Committee for the first time this year, and I can't wait to connect with everyone!


Zach Rementilla

Upper Canada College​

Hi, I’m Zach, a grade 11 student at UCC. I am interested in the intersection of  STEM, design, and entrepreneurship. I love both playing and coaching baseball, listening to music, and making things. I’m excited to be a part of the TYSIC committee for the first time and am looking forward to meeting everyone!



Zimo Yang

St. Andrew's College

Greetings! I am Zimo, a grade 11 student attending St. Andrew's College. I am thrilled to be a part of TYSIC once again. I am incredibly excited to witness the incredible ideas from all of you and the positive influence you aspire to make in the STEM field. I eagerly anticipate meeting each one of you and wish all participants the best of luck!

Logistics Executive

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Karen Liu

Branksome Hall

Hello, lovely people :) I’m Karen, a Grade 11 student at Branksome Hall, and this is my second year on the TYSIC team. My life is more or less dictated by all the things I love—music, Laufey, STEM, NYT games (namely connections), neuroscience, horse riding, cafe hopping, and the list goes on… Through my involvement in school as a HOSA club president, student council member, and more, I hope to share these interests with other passionate people. I love making friends so please feel free to shoot me a message!


Reyna Persaud

Appleby College

Hi :) I’m Reyna, a grade 12 student at Appleby College. I’m very excited to be on the logistics team for my second year! I have been involved in many STEM facets through my school’s Engineering and Design Club, Robotics teams, volunteering at a vet clinic, healthcare center, taking biology at the Toronto Zoo, and sailing on a marine research vessel with the Sea Education Association. I’m looking forward to applying my passion for STEM to organizing an amazing conference again!


Nicholas Cheng

Upper Canada College


Hi, I’m Nicholas and I’m in Grade 11 at UCC. My interests include robotics (FTC and VEX), math, programming, cubing, and volleyball. I love solving puzzles and overcomplicating solutions.

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Gordon Wu

Upper Canada College

I’m Gordon, a grade 11 student at UCC, extremely interested and involved in robotics, competitive programming, listening to all types of music, and red pandas. Hit me up to talk about literally anything!


Julia Li

University of Toronto Schools

Hello, I’m Julia! I’m a grade 10 student at UTS. I’m one of the execs of my school’s HOSA chapter and Let’s Talk Science club. I love all things chemistry and biology, and I’m constantly reading books about the brain. I also do public speaking and that took me to the World Championships in South Africa last year! I love singing and I also play the double bass in the TSYO. I’m excited to meet everyone!


Anthony Sun

Appleby College

Hey! I’m Anthony, a grade 11 student at Appleby College. I’ve always been fascinated by all things STEM, and I’m also interested in the social sciences and how they impact the STEM field. In my spare time, you can find me in the VEX Robotics lab or seniors with their technology, and enjoying the amazing outdoors. I’m also a huge train/plane/bus nerd :). I’m super excited to be part of the TYSIC exec committee, and look forward to getting to know everyone at the conference!

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